deborah ann will by joey shaw

Joey Shaw

by Demetra Fulhse

This is the way a famous photographer looks at the beauty of a stunning creature like Deborah Ann Woll.
And for what we know this picture has never been published before even if it was shot a few years ago.
We made some research and we’ve found that the 2 just worked together one time in Hollywood for a magazine called H mag.
But some of the pictures have been published, and some of them like this one have been classified in a sort of some editorial archives where no-one will never pick them up again.
They met when she was just at the beginning of her True Blood experience and Joey was at the beginning of his Hollywood experience after so many years shooting fashion all around the world.
After that day, Deborah Ann Woll became a confirmed first line in the True Blood series and Joey became one of the most famous photographers around.
We can’t wait to see more pictures but also we can’t wait the two back shooting together.
This image is absolutely amazing. Probably one of the best portraits of Deborah.
She probably has the most amazing eyes in the entertainment business and Joey has the most incredible talent to help the people in front of his camera to show up what’s the best part of them.
This black and white image is simply what the beauty is all about, between shades of grey and contrast.

We reached out Joey Shaw with his personal manager for a few words by the phone:
Exit: Goodmorning Mr Shaw, where in the world are you today?
JS: Well, we just finished in London and we are running at the airport, destination Madrid.

Exit: How much exciting is your life?
JS: You know, it depends on the point of views as always. We woke up at 4 this morning, we are running to take another flight and we must be on location tomorrow in Madrid at 6 AM. We are not going back to see our families for weeks sometimes. We don’t even know what a private life is and let’s not talk about relationships. If you call it an exciting life…

Exit: There’s a picture of Deborah Ann Woll that is running around the web and it’s absolutely stunning, can you tell us something about that?
JS: Me and Deborah, we worked together 1 time in our lives. She’s one of the best subjects you can dream to shoot one day in your life and it’s not because of her beauty as everyone can imagine. It’s because you can’t miss a shot with her. Every single picture she’s moving and acting and posing for a new picture, every single shot.
I think that day in only 2 hours we produced images to cover at least 3 magazines for how many good shots we had.
She’s one of the best professionals I’ve ever been working with.
And when you have that situation on a set everything comes out like natural.

Exit: So you are telling us that everyone can take those pictures???
JS: I’m saying that in some ways yes, when you have someone like Deborah in front of your camera your job comes out to be the easiest in the world.

Exit: What is beauty for you?
JS: The natural destination of all our best and most addicted feelings.

Exit: And how can you find it?
JS: A photographer must always find a way to search for that beauty in everything that he or she is going to shoot.

Exit: So how can you find the beauty in everyone that you shoot? Because you never miss a shot, mostly with the celebrities.
JS: Celebrities or not I let the people in front of my camera to show me the beauty they have. That’s the best part of my job. And at the end I just need to press the button.
The way I do it? I just like to know them, to talk with them while shooting and to better understand the human being I have in front of me.
The hardest part is that I have to do it depending on a schedule that most of the time is killing my working hours.

Exit: You are making it so easy…?
JS: No, it’s not, because behind that shot we have the best make up artists, the best hair stylists and the best stylists. These people make the shots amazing. I’m not kidding, these people can make the good or the bad in one picture; as a photographer I take my responsibility shooting what I consider the right side of the beauty they create.

Exit: What is attracting you in a woman?
JS: Her personality.

Exit: What is the fashion photography today?
JS: Well, we need to go back in time we have lost the inspiration that Avedon, Penn, Watson, and many more gave us in the 70s and the 80s and the 90s. We still remember what a Avedon campaign was about. We don’t remember in our days a fashion picture right in the moment we have been turning the page of the magazine.
We need to bring back to the fashion world the glamour the talent and the point of view we had some decades ago.

Exit: Why the celebrities love you so much? And we know it’s not only because of your stunning pictures.
JS: I talk with them and I treat them like normal people and friends. I drink at a Starbucks or I walk on the beach with some of them when we meet and when we have time. Some of them come to visit me at my ranch in Italy and that makes things so much easier and relaxed. And in this world today we really need to trust in the people we work and we talk with.

Exit: Thank you for your time mr Shaw and we can’t wait to see more stunning pictures.
JS: Thanks for having me here.